Shmi's Lasagna

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Luke Stahlwalker
Luke Stahlwalker

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Spaghetti sauce (Ragu roasted garlic 2 jars 24oz), lasagna noodles, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, mozzarella shredded cheese (24oz), garlic minced, fresh parmesan cheese, mozzarella balls (16oz), whole milk ricotta (16oz), ground beef/turkey (1 lb), olive oil, onion minced


Stove Skillet

  • olive oil 1/3 cup

  • onion minced 1 tps

  • garlic minced 1 tps

  • Italian seasoning 1 tps

  • add meat

  • brown meat

  • add Ragu 1 jar and mix

Boil Water (large pot)

  • add salt

  • once boiling add lasagna noodles

  • cook 8 mins

  • drain water

Pan (9x13)

  • spray pam or butter

  • light layer of meat sauce

  • layer noodles

  • add ricotta dollops 1/2 container and spread evenly (careful not to break apart noodles)

  • add mozzarella shredded cheese layer

  • spinkle parmesan

  • drain liquid from mozzarella balls and add half evenly

  • dollop meat sauce

  • layer noodles

  • add another ricotta layer follow above step

  • sprinkle parmesan

  • mozzarella shredded cheese layer

  • mozzarella balls

  • dollop meat sauce

  • layer noodles

  • add remaining meat sauce and spread

  • mozzarella shredded cheese layer

  • sprinkle parmesan


  • cover with tin foil and place pan on a cooking sheet to avoid spillage

  • 3575degrees 40 mins


  • let sit for 10 mins and serve